Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Porcelain Skin Foundation Routine

Lethal Kitten's Porcelain Skin Foundation Routine


As a lot of people can probably tell, I have extremely fair skin. I purposely keep this pale to maintain my complexion by staying out of the sun and pretty much bathing in sun screen when I come out of my coffin *insert stereotypical vampire joke here*

Since the last time I made a blog post on what I use for porcelain/extremely fair skin, I have changed a lot of products. So today I will show you my updated routine and the pros and cons of each product so you can see if the products are fit for you!

My current face products used for my foundation routine:
+ Revlon ColorStay Foundation - 110 Ivory ($9.99 Target)
+ MAC Face and Body Foundation - White ($35 from MAC)
+ NYX HD Photogenic Concealer - CW02 ($4.99 Ulta)
+ NYX Blotting Powder - Light ($11.99 Ulta)

I always initially start with a moisturizer if I use this combination of products. Especially when using MAC's Face and Body because it is likes to emphasize dry skin.

As you can see, MAC Face and Body has a squeeze like bottle. So make sure when using this that you pour out little by little because you cannot put it back in the bottle!

For me this foundation is extremely thin and watery. It's great for mixing to make a full coverage foundation more so medium coverage for a day-to-day wear.

I chose white because I already like the undertone of my current foundation (Revlon ColorStay in 110 Ivory) so I chose this to be able to lighten it without changing the warm undertone.

MAC Also sells this foundation in a variety of colors and it is also waterproof! So make sure when you remove it that you use a makeup remover of some sort because otherwise it will not come off!

I'd recommend a brush or sponge for application due to the consistency of the product.

Initially out of the tube
Blended out 

- Waterproof
- Great for mixing
- Variety of shades (including white)
- Reasonable price for the amount given

- Can only buy from MAC Pro (or online)
- Watery
- Not one step foundation (when mixing)
- Packaging
- Not practical for the average person. 
Before I made the decision to be extremely conscious of being in the sunlight, Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 110 Ivory was a perfect match. It's very full coverage, around $10, and easy to find. Also for a drugstore foundation it has a wide variety of shades and formulas (dry, combination, oily)

In the past I have applied this with a brush and with my fingers. 
I personally prefer using my fingers.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation - 110 Ivory
(As you can see it's well loved

Blended Out

- Great Coverage Alone
- Drugstore
- Price
- Easily Accessible
- Different Finishes (Oily, Combination, Dry)
- Different shades

- Can look cakey
- Quick to set
- Packaging has no pump so you have to continuously dump it on to a surface or your hand which some may consider disgusting/ unsanitary

What I mix of both MAC Face and Body and Revlon ColorStay for my match. Sometimes I add more MAC Face and Body depending. 

I recommend applying this with a brush. 

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in CW02

This concealer is amazing. I love it for under eyes and highlighting. It comes in a variety of shades from Porcelain to correcting shades of Salmon, Green, and Purple. 

I personally apply mine under the eyes, down my nose, forehead, chin, and on any blemishes I may have.
I blend it out with my fingers and sometimes a concealer brush. 

This product has a doe-foot applicator which is great for spots.
Just dont put directly on an open pimple because then you are going to be putting bacteria back into the container!

Applied to hand

- Affordable
- High coverage
- Good for highlighting, covering blemishes, and under eyes. 
- Shades come in a variety of skin tones and in corrector shades
- Formula is easy to apply and not too runny or drying to the skin
- Cruelty Free company

- Packaging gets dirty easily
- Not always easy to find NYX products depending on your area
-  Looks cakey alone without other makeup products being used.

For my setting powder I use NYX Blotting Powder in Light. 
It's an expensive setting powder ($11.99 from Ulta) but it's very good for the price. I used to use Maybelline Fit Me! Powder Foundation in 110 Porcelain ($5 from Walmart) which is just as good, but I prefer this one because the packaging is much more compact and it doesn't look as cakey as the Maybelline powder did. I do recommend it though for a cheaper alternative to this product.

Another thing I like about this product is if my foundation looks blotchy and uneven and has that "streaked" look, if I apply this over top it makes it look perfect. 

As you can see the powder itself is very fair and that the packaging comes with a very large and clear mirror. This to me is perfect for on the go because the mirror is just as large as the compact and makes for great use when touching up make-up throughout the day. 

This powder is very sheer when swatched on the hand.
I apply my powder with a big fluffy brush for an everyday wear.
For a full coverage wear I recommend using a sponge or powder puff and use the rolling technique to apply over foundation. A dense brush can work as well. 

- Long lasting
- Great formula that doesn't feel like you're wearing make-up
- Packaging is compact, mirror is great
- Controls oil
- Great to use to fix foundation flaws
- Makes for easier application of bronzers/blushes if this is used beforehand. 

- Not many colors to choose from
- Powdery and you can go through it fast
- Expensive for drugstore
- Packaging gets dirty easily
- Can look cakey if you apply too much. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my foundation routine and maybe it will be useful for you! 


Monday, June 9, 2014

The Cold-Hearted Truth

Something I've never really gotten used to is blogging. I think it's because it's so foreign to me, but nonetheless I don't really understand it. At first when I started this blog I wanted to use it with my DeviantArt account and be able to write how I feel and express my thoughts. 

Well, unfortunately that only happened for a few months. 

Right now I don't know how to explain it, but I just don't feel like myself. 
I sometimes feel as if I'm a body who is just walking around with a set schedule to do, but no motivation to venture out from it. Almost as if on a 24/7 routine. 

I don't know why but I have no motivation to even make art, take photos, or any of that.
I just want to be by myself

Sometimes I post things and sometimes I don't. Im never really attached to the things I post and just more so post it for the watchers I have on dA who enjoy seeing my photos.
I used to be the type of person who went out of my way to get a glimpse at a pretty site just to take a picture of it to edit and upload, I haven't been like that for a few years now. 

I also used to put make-up on to experiment and try new techniques...and I just put it on if I'm going out of the house. 

It's weird to see how much I've changed in a few years, whether that be looks, my outlook on life, or just my day-to-day schedule. 

I can easily say, I'm just dead feeling right now. 

Maybe it's because I've gained weight and can't stand looking at myself in the mirror
or that I am depressed

Who knows but it sucks.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nasty But Delicious Smoothie

Hi Everyone, 

I made another awesome smoothie earlier today. Let me tell you it looks absolutely disgusting and pretty much resembles diarrhea. But don't let that turn you off from trying it. 

The Deceiving Smoothie

You Will Need:
1 Cup Fresh Kale
1 Green Apple
2 Cups Frozen Strawberries (You can use fresh as well)
1 Lemon
1 Cup Almond Milk (I used the vanilla flavored one)

What I do is I first chop up my apple into little bite size chunks about a 1/2 inch or so. I than stick the kale first into the blender so its constantly getting mixed (Lets be honest, nobody wants green leafy chunks in their smoothie). I than add the apple chunks on top of the kale, than the strawberries. After this I splash about a cup of almond milk on top than squeeze a fresh lemon before I start mixing. 

Pre-warning: The apple can be over powering if you don't watch it. If you want you could just add just a half an apple instead and more strawberries.  

This smoothie with my recipe is very tart. If you'd like it more sweet just add some banana but watch out how much you use because it can overpower very quickly. 

Let me know if you try it and if you like it as much as I do!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easiest Beginner Green Smoothie Without Fail

Hi everyone, 

I'll be completely honest, I am not the healthiest eater that there is. I love cookies, chocolate, and mac and cheese too much. But since I'm gaining the pounds from college (freshman 15 do I need to say more?) I've been trying to eat healthier. After drinking tons of those Green Machine Naked Juice drinks, I thought I'd start trying to make my own....and this is what I got. 

The easiest fool proof green smoothie that doesn't taste weird. 

Strawberry - Banana - Kale

All you will need
+ 1-2 Cups of Kale
+ 1-2 Cups Frozen Strawberries
+ 1 Ripe Banana 
+ 1 Cup Almond Milk (Vanilla flavor is what I used)

If you don't like banana all too much, just add less. It can be extremely overpowering and take over the taste of the overall smoothie. So I recommend just to compensate with more strawberries if you choose to use less banana.

If you add too much or too little it'll just end up tasting more like banana or strawberry. 

So it's pretty fool proof :)

If you try it, let me know what you think :)


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The True Facts About Going Cruelty Free

Hello everyone,

I never really made a post about this, but Im trying to go 100% cruelty free with products. It's quite the challenge, and sometimes I slip, but I'm trying my best.

You may think it's simple, but it really isn't. It's difficult, annoying, tedious, and you have to be passionate to be able to keep with it.

Here's the nitty gritty truth about trying to go cruelty free and my own experiences.

1.) You probably won't be able to buy most of the products you love now.

Whether you use high end or drugstore products you probably won't be able to repurchase most of them. MAC, Sephora brand, Urban Decay, Lancome, Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal, etc. Are all not cruelty free. Any product that is sold in either Japan or China are not cruelty free and undergo animal testing to be able to be sold on the market. Also, a lot of the companies like Bare Minerals, NARS, Tarte, etc. say they are cruelty free but are owned by companies that do animal testing (So in other words third party testing).

2.) You will have to do research before buying products and simply cannot buy on a whim unless you are familiar with the brand.

It looks a lot easier than it is, but you will have to do research on the companies before you buy. It's best to look at sites such as PETA or Leaping Bunny. If companies are certified with either of these, you're good to go.

If you don't know for sure, you can always e-mail the companies themselves and they will surely tell you.

3.) Just because a products is cruelty free doesn't mean it sucks.

I'll be honest here, at first I was worried a lot of stuff wasn't going to be as great.....but in reality a lot of my favorite stuff was already cruelty free before I tried going 100%.

My favorite palettes from ELF, my favorite lip liners and lipsticks from NYX, my bright Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadows, and my Physician's Formula face products were all cruelty free!

I originally bought all this stuff because of price or good reviews, not knowing that all of them were cruelty free.

I literally use all these products on a day-to-day basis or even weekly. They're great products and actually are doing something right as a company.

Another thing is, is that you don't have to settle for boring make-up. Companies like Inglot, Sugarpill, LimeCrime, Manic Panic, NYX, Illamasqua, etc. have a wide variety of fun make-up to chose from that is "out of the ordinary"

4.) You don't need a big budget to go cruelty free. 

I think a lot of people think it'll be expensive, and it really isn't (depending on what you like). You can buy from brands such as NYX, ELF, Wet n' Wild, EcoTools, Ardell, and they are all drugstore and are very inexpensive.

5.) People will question and make fun of your choice. 

Like with any "out of the norm" lifestyle choice, people will criticize you. Whether they ask "Why do you like animals more than humans? Would you rather a human get hurt over something than an animal?" or "Well why does it matter, it's just an animal". You just have to learn to shove the comments aside and do what makes YOU happy, and give a big ol fuck you to the rest.

6.) At home remedies and DIY will become your best friend. 

Not to mention this stuff is a lot healthier than some products out their and can be a good dupe for buying a product that is not cruelty free. Sites like YouTube, Pintrest, and sometimes certain Facebook pages have great recipes and at home DIY's that are also natural.

From avocado hair masks, to brown sugar and honey facial scrubs, there is a lot to choose from if you go looking for it.

In reality, it can be a hard decision to try to do, but it really is worth it if it is something you love.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in 77 VS. Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I picked up the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black on a whim while out with a friend. I tried it a bit yesterday, but here's a full review on it compared to my Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in 77

Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner:
  • There is 3g of product (0.106 oz.)
  • Was around $7 at Walmart
  • Claims to be safe for sensitive eyes, highly pigmented, smudge and waterproof up to 24 hours of wear. 
  • Come in 4 shades (Black, Brown, Charcoal, and Eggplant)
  • Comes with a decent brush
  • Glass packaging with a nice seal
  • Easily accessible for repurchasing
  • Did not crease onto upper lid
  • Easily accessible for repurchasing
  • Nice packaging
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a decent brush
  • Long wearing
  • Could not get a think black line right away. I had to go over it a few times to get the color I wanted
  • I do not like the consistency of the product, I feel like I need to dig into the product to get enough product to get a thick black line.
  • Has a weird smell.
  • Doesn't come with a lot of product for the price. 
  • Made my eyes itchy on the waterline

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner:
  • There is 5.5g of product (0.19 oz)
  • Is $12 at any Inglot counter and online
  • Claims to be highly pigmented, provide a rich color after just one application, dries in 60 seconds for a crease proof and smudge proof finish.
  • Comes in 2 different lines (Matte and Noble) and the Matte range has 18 different shades. The Noble range has 4.
  • Does not come with a brush.
  • Plastic packaging, but has a decent seal. 
  • Not easily accessible to repurchase unless you live near a counter or are ok with buying online. 
  • If you wait 60 seconds for this to dry, it will not crease
  • Do not need to go over it twice to get a pigmented line
  • Easy to grab product out of container
  • Creamy
  • Waterline safe
  • Lots of product for the price. 
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Plastic packaging
  • Very hard to buy, unless you live near a counter
  • Can pick up too much product if you don't watch out
  • Does crease if you put too much on.

In all I prefer the Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in 77 because it is a lot of product for the price, very pigmented, and has a lot of color options.

For me, the Maybelline Eyestudio product itched TERRIBLY, and usually I dont have this problem with eyeliner. I really do like that it came with a brush and had very nice packaging. I do however feel that I'd rather buy just the product and get more of it, compared to getting a brush every time I purchase it. After awhile I would just get a crap load of those brushes. I think it would be great if they included a package that was less expensive in the line that did not have a brush, so us who have purchased it don't need to keep getting the brushes. I also did not get a thick black line, like I wanted, which was unfortunate.

Hope you liked the review 
xoxo Kitten