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Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat

Hello :)
Just wanted to say Happy Halloween!

This was my make-up for the party I went to:
Products Used: Face: Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory Maybelline Fit Me! Powder in 110 Porcelain Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Pink Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in Natural Pearl Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer in Light Bronze

e.l.f Eyeshadow Primer e.l.f Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Natural
Sigma Eyeshadow in Elysees Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in 77 Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Waterporof Glam Black NYC Eyeliner/Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe Avon Single Eyeshadow in Warm Black
Lips: NYC Lipliner in Cabaret M.A.C Lipstick in Diva
SFX: Liquid Latex Tissue Corn Syrup Red and Blue Food Coloring Instant Coffee e.l.f Studio 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in Natural

Also, I think I will be buying a butterfly display from Etsy, I absolutely love these two!

(Link to item on Etsy here )

(Link to item on…

The Night Before Hallow's Eve

I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween, it just seems like the year has came by so fast. 
So to get in the mood, here's my Halloween themed song of choice.  (Ghost Town - Trick or Treat)

Since I'm in college right now, and have exams all this week, I haven't taken too much time to decorate, so I've been sporting cat ears all week and wearing Halloween t-shirts.

Now to figure out exactly what I'm going to dress up as tomorrow.
I may do Beetle Juice, a creepy zombie thing, or just do pin-up

But here's what I did last year if anyone is curious :)

Any who, what are your plans for Halloween?
I myself am thinking of going to my friends party for a bit, than going home to do more homework and studying (story of my life) lol

xoxo Kitten

Pointe Ballet With a Twist


Yesterday I was on YouTube and came across this video of a ballet dancer doing a routine on top of a grand piano with kitchen knives attached to her pointe shoes.

I cannot tell you how much I love the raw emotion within her as a dancer, you can see her emotions and he r struggles, and that even if she's finding it difficult to stand, she can still do her routine without falling.

I think the concept of this is just immaculate, intriguing, and I can't seem to take my eyes off of it even after the third time watching it.

These are the shoes that she wore, aren't they beautiful?

With much love,

I Think I Have a Little Obsession With Dead Things

Hello Everyone,

I haven't really made a post about this, but I finally have found a butterfly dome piece!

I have literally been looking for these in antique shops for the past year or so and I finally came across one on my vacation to Chicago last weekend. I can't even explain how stoked I am over it!

On the bottom of this it says that the butterfly is a Byasa Polyeuctes "Chinese Cowboy" and is from Indonesia.

Here's a picture of what it actually looks like if it were to be spread out.

Do any of you collect these types of things? Seen them? or recommend on where to get them?

I've been trying my best to find preserved animals and butterflies but I think you have to honestly find the right shop in order to get them. I have also been looking on Etsy for the longest time, but I am so afraid of it getting damaged in the mail.

Dead Inspiration?

I don't know about you guys but I feel an absolute lack for inspiration for Halloween right now. From exactly today there is 7 days til the candy filled, diabetus starting, drunk adults holiday. I still have absolutely no idea as to what I really want to dress up as. I feel like doing a grotesque pin-up themed zombie, but than again that's becoming cliche.
Here are some photos I've kinda been mesmerized over for the past few days. 
(Make-up by @mini_makeup_x)

(Make-up by Lori Anne Allison)

(Make-up by Batalash)

(Make-up by MadeULook by Lex)

I really think I'm going to mash them together somehow. I for sure want to do some sort of staple like technique or one that looks like stitches. I had this idea a few days ago where I would make real looking stitches and put a pop-art like look in the middle to make it almost look like I was a cartoon character covered in human flesh that was breaking away. But than again I almost want to do something bloody and messy, and just flat …

Why Hello There New Blog

Hey Everyone,

Today will be the day where I finally will start a blog. I can't describe how curious and excited I am about it! I've been wanting to do this for so long but really never knew where to start, so I'm going to take a stab at it and see how it goes.

Where's my manners, I forgot to introduce myself.

I go by Kitten, but if you would rather call me by my first name, it's Breyonna. So call me whichever you prefer. I am an 18 year old internet addict who has a little obsession with cats and make-up.

In my blog I will hopefully keep it towards
Make-upReviewsFashionShowing and demonstrating different art techniquesPhotographyand a little random things here and there
I hope to stay to these main things, but don't underestimate me trying to "spice things up" here and there just for the fun of it :)
Hope you all have a lovely week!

xoxo Kitten