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Porcelain Skin Foundation Routine

Lethal Kitten's Porcelain Skin Foundation Routine

As a lot of people can probably tell, I have extremely fair skin. I purposely keep this pale to maintain my complexion by staying out of the sun and pretty much bathing in sun screen when I come out of my coffin *insert stereotypical vampire joke here*
Since the last time I made a blog post on what I use for porcelain/extremely fair skin, I have changed a lot of products. So today I will show you my updated routine and the pros and cons of each product so you can see if the products are fit for you!

My current face products used for my foundation routine:
+ Revlon ColorStay Foundation - 110 Ivory ($9.99 Target)
+ MAC Face and Body Foundation - White ($35 from MAC)
+ NYX HD Photogenic Concealer - CW02 ($4.99 Ulta)
+ NYX Blotting Powder - Light ($11.99 Ulta)
I always initially start with a moisturizer if I use this combination of products. Especially when using MAC's Face and Body because it is likes to empha…

The Cold-Hearted Truth

Something I've never really gotten used to is blogging. I think it's because it's so foreign to me, but nonetheless I don't really understand it. At first when I started this blog I wanted to use it with my DeviantArt account and be able to write how I feel and express my thoughts. 
Well, unfortunately that only happened for a few months. 
Right now I don't know how to explain it, but I just don't feel like myself.  I sometimes feel as if I'm a body who is just walking around with a set schedule to do, but no motivation to venture out from it. Almost as if on a 24/7 routine. 
I don't know why but I have no motivation to even make art, take photos, or any of that.
I just want to be by myself
Sometimes I post things and sometimes I don't. Im never really attached to the things I post and just more so post it for the watchers I have on dA who enjoy seeing my photos. I used to be the type of person who went out of my way to get a glimpse at a pretty sit…