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Why I Love BlackMilk [Review]

Hi everyone
Sorry for the hiatus, I had finals and had a lack of ambition to do much before and a tad after them. But I will be posting more now!
So if you haven't read the title of this post, here is my review on BlackMilk Clothing. 

This is a brand from Australia, and is pretty well known if you're on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They are known for their shinny nylon goodness such as leggings, dresses, etc. They pretty much make the clothes you see a tumblr goddess in. 
So the question is: What's so great about BlackMilk Clothing?
1.) Customer Service When I bought from BlackMilk a few weeks ago, I filled in the little special request box before checking out asking for more stickers (I'm addicted and stuck these all over stuff in my room). When I received my order form when I got my leggings in the mail, Kelly who probably was the one who packaged my order hand wrote "Wish Granted" on it. I honestly have never had this happen with ordering…