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Drying Bird Feet and Wings

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

A few months ago, I was looking up something on chicken feet and realized how much of a lack of information there is on how to dry them so you can make crafts out of them.

So today, I'll share how to do it

How to Dry Bird Feet and Wings
What you will need:+ Something to dry such as a chickens foot
+ Plastic Container that you don't care about (Make sure it can hold the item you are trying to dry comfortably, without having to squish it or bend it.
+ Table salt
+ Scissors
+ Tweezers
+ Gloves
+ Rubbing Alcohol
+ Paper Towels
Please do not kill or harm an animal to use my tutorials. I am completely against killing animals for preserving their body parts. 

1.) Preparation
First we need to get these babies able to be preserved.
Put gloves on and make sure you have cut the foot or wing off the dead specimen you are doing this for.

For feet, you can cut them at the hip or slightly farther down the leg, depending on personal preference.  If you are doing something like a …

The Perfect Black Lip

'Ello Everyone,
Since most people want that perfect red lip for the holidays, I thought I'd spice it up by making a post about the ever lipstick!
Black lipstick is my all time favorite. I love the way it looks, how white it makes my teeth appear, and let's be looks pretty bad ass if someone can pull it off without making it look like a hot mess.

My way of wearing black lipstick, is like wearing red. I do not like the whole eyeliner look that teenagers wear around......I'd rather have that high fashion style to it!

So here's the steps I go through, and trust me, this stuff won't budge. 
1.) Moisturize
Like with any lipstick, it looks bad with chapped lips. So moisturize them beforehand!
I recommend putting a lip balm on a little bit before you do the lipstick so it's all soaked in. If it still feels like there is too much on, just grab a tissue and lightly wipe it off.

This is what I use:

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizi…

Make-Up Routine For a Fair Skinned, Acne Prone, Lady

Hi Everyone,
When I'm on youtube or googling for certain product reviews, I realize how hard it is to find make-up that will suit extremely fair people like myself. It's especially hard to find this at drugstores, and just in general. So for you ladies who are like me and can't even wear Mac NC 20 foundation since it makes you look like an oompa loompa got a spray tan, here's my recommendations and my routine. Face
MoisturizerApplying a moisturizer before applying make-up is a way to make your skin prepped for foundation and powders and helps with make-up application.

What I use:

Yes to Carrots Day Cream (About $14.99)

GNC Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream ($1.99 )

FoundationThere are many different types of foundation you can use. For a lighter coverage you could use a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer. Personally, my skin needs full coverage because of acne, freckles, and scaring. You can apply this with either your hands, or a brush.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Ivory (Roughly…

How to Get and Maintain Long Healthy Hair

Hi Everyone!
Thought I'd make a post on long hair, since I never see anyone really talk about hair that's generally longer than mid back.

Below are the tips and tricks that I use to keep my hair as long as it is, and let me tell you it really is a lot of work, and more than one would expect.  These are all from experience, not read in a book, or by going to the doctor and getting medication.

My Hair

As you can see my hair is pretty long (almost 3 feet) and looks generally healthy for the length it is.

1.) Stay Healthy I can easily say, this is the biggest thing among most. If you are depressed, not eating a lot, and getting sick.....chances are your hair won't be growing along with your nails. I know from experience when I lost a drastic amount of weight too soon, my hair wasn't growing and I was actually loosing it.

What I personally did to get the most length of my hair is by eating a lot of protein, drinking milk, and eating vegetables. Your hair and nails are exce…

The Strange Only Get Stranger

Hey everyone!
I have been kind of busy for the last few days getting back to my normal schedule due to exams, and let me tell you it's quite nice.

After making a post on how to preserve animals and birds, I saw it was an interest or curiosity for many. For those interested in the weird and the strange here are some of my personal favorite things.

This has to be probably one of my favorite television shows I've seen in a long time. Not only do you get to see different oddities and such, but some episodes you can see someones personal collection. You can either watch this on Netflix or YouTube. (Season 1, Episode 1, on YouTube)
Personal Collection VideosIf you're like me, you probably like to see the fascinating things people surround themselves in. I personally like seeing a personal collection because a lot of times people prefer certain things over other (skulls, taxidermy, insane asylum items, etc.) Here are a few I have found interesting:
(Ryan Matthew, from Odd…

How To Make Dead Things Turn Heads

Hey everyone,

I just  realized how much lack of information there really is for preserving dead specimens and I thought I'd make a blog post about it. Since I live out in a wooded area, and look for dead animals, skulls, and bones, I thought I would make a post on how to preserve and fine one.

My tips on how to preserve a specimen into a jar (ex. animals and birds)

1.) Finding the creature.
Finding dead things isn't easy, let me tell ya. Most likely you will find them under things such as brush or leaves. This is because when an animal goes to a place to die, they will go somewhere where nobody can disturb them. Please don't kill an animal or any other living thing for the purpose of preservation, that's just cruel and disgusting.

 2.) Checking the little guy out.
Make sure when you find your specimen that it's intact, no guts hanging, no insects trying to eat it, anything along those lines. The best is to get it when it just has passed, but like I said, please don…