The Strange Only Get Stranger

Hey everyone!

I have been kind of busy for the last few days getting back to my normal schedule due to exams, and let me tell you it's quite nice.

After making a post on how to preserve animals and birds, I saw it was an interest or curiosity for many. For those interested in the weird and the strange here are some of my personal favorite things.

This has to be probably one of my favorite television shows I've seen in a long time. Not only do you get to see different oddities and such, but some episodes you can see someones personal collection. You can either watch this on Netflix or YouTube.
(Season 1, Episode 1, on YouTube)

Personal Collection VideosIf you're like me, you probably like to see the fascinating things people surround themselves in. I personally like seeing a personal collection because a lot of times people prefer certain things over other (skulls, taxidermy, insane asylum items, etc.)
Here are a few I have found interesting:

(Ryan Matthew, from Oddities)

(ladylockslife on YouTube.)
^This ones a favorite of mine, because she has a really great sense in decorating in my opinion.

(Sebastian Columbine on YouTube and Facebook)

(Mantisman630 on YouTube)

(MissMadHatteRSammiie on YouTube)
^Video on how to get a cheap cabinet of curiosities



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