Scenic City Cosmetics Review and Swatches

Scenic City Cosmetics
Review and Swatches
by Lethal Kitten


I recently tried out Scenic City Cosmetics on Etsy. This is my first time trying out a cosmetic brand on Etsy, and I must say I'm super impressed. Scenic City Cosmetics is inspired by things you can see and experience in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. All the names of her shadows are very creative and you can definitely tell they are inspired by the area in which she lives. 

This is the packaging in which the shadows arrived in. The shadows themselves were individually put in small zip-lock bags and were bubble wrapped tightly! They all came perfect to me with no damage. This packaging really caught my eye, and I love how it has a cute rustic look to it as well. I really love how Scenic City Cosmetics pays close attention to detail with the packaging. My dad actually commented saying how nice it looked as well, especially since a lot of brands don't package things as nicely as this.

Above the shadows from left to right are 'Sunset Rock' , 'Bama' , and 'Whiskey' 

Each pan is 15mm and is listed at $5 each on their shop page.
**A 15mm pan is the same size as a MAC single eyeshadow, a Colourpop pressed shadow, or a Makeup Geek shadow. 
They do not come in packaging so you will need to have a magnetic palette to store them in.
I recommend buying the Make Up For Ever magnetic palettes. I find them to be fairly cheap, great quality, and that they have a nice magnet on them to hold the shadows.

Swatched Left to Right: 'Sunset Rock', 'Bama', and 'Whiskey'
**Swatched with no primer or base. One swipe as well with no building up the color.

Sunset Rock:Sunset Rock is described as a "warm sunset orange shadow inspired by the colors of the sky you will see when you watch the sun set from Sunset Rock atop Lookout Mountain". I would definitely agree with this description of this shadow. To me it is a gorgeous metallic orange shade that is perfect as a shimmer shade on the lid or in the inner corner as a highlight. It is very creamy and buttery in texture, honestly a fantastic formula. I recommend applying this shadow with your finger or a synthetic bristled flat shader brush in order to get the most shimmer out of this shadow. I also recommend using an eyeshadow primer with these shadows since it is very shimmery. For me personally I prefer applying this with my finger over a brush. Definitely my favorite shadow out of all the ones that I have tried.

Bama:Bama is described as a "deep crimson shadow inspired by Alabama. Football in The South is huge, and in Chattanooga we have a large following for the Crimson Tide, so for all those Tide fans, Roll Tide". I find this shadow to be a deep purple brown on me with hues of red throughout. I would not define it as a crimson color, but it still is very lovely. It is very shimmery, but when applied is not as metallic as Sunset Rock. This is a very beautiful color that would be pretty as a lid color when doing a smokey eyeshadow look. When applied it looks like a neutral purple, which is beautiful. As like with Sunset Rock, I find this shadow to apply best with a synthetic bristled flat shader brush or with your finger and to use combined with an eyeshadow primer.

Whiskey:Whiskey is described as a "Amber shadow inspired by the warm amber color of whiskey. There are many wonderful distilleries in Tennessee including the most famous one, Jack Daniels". I agree with the description of this shadow and that it really does remind me of the color of whiskey. This shadow is the least metallic out of the three that I have tried, but it still has a very pretty shimmer throughout. The formula is consistent throughout the other shades and applies just as well, however this one is not as shimmery as the rest. I would not suggest applying this into the crease due to the shimmer in it, but I do love it applied onto the lid. As like with the other shadows I recommend applying it with a synthetic bristled flat shader brush or with your finger. I also recommend using a primer with this shadow as well.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I really love these shadows from Scenic City Cosmetics and think they are absolutely stunning. The formula on these reminds me of the Makeup Geek foiled shadows, especially Sunset Rock. Being that the Makeup Geek foiled shadows are $10 and these are $5, you are getting a great deal. The formula is also very comparable to the shimmer shades from the Juvias Place palettes. The formula is extremely buttery and consistent throughout the shades. They are all very shimmery, but I do find Sunset Rock to be a metallic rather than a shimmer.

For application of these shadows I recommend using these in conjunction with an eyeshadow primer. Since these are very shimmery, they will apply the best with an eyeshadow primer and last the longest this way. Two great eyeshadow primers are the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus eyeshadow primer. I also recommend when applying these to use your finger if possible. I really have found that they show the most shimmer and really pop when doing this method. A flat synthetic shader brush will work well too.

- Consistent formula throughout shadows.
- Very pigmented formula
- Formula is a dupe for Makeup Geek foiled shadows or Juvias Place shimmer shades.
- Small business
- Handmade to order
- $5 per shadow (unless getting a larger pan size)
- Well packaged
- Great customer service

- No real packaging, so you will have to buy a Z-Palette/Magnetic palette in order to store them.
- Small selection of colors. Mostly neutral shades and lacking lighter shades. 
- All shimmer shades and no mattes (as of right now, though Pam mentioned she is formulating Mattes soon!)
- No brighter shades, mostly earth tones and neutrals.

Highly recommend checking out Scenic City Cosmetics on Etsy. Linked below is their shop and Instagram account. Make sure to tell them I sent you there!

Which shade is your favorite? Which shades do you think you will be checking out?

I was sent these products from Scenic City Cosmetics complimentary in order to review, but all opinions are my own.

Instagram: @lethal_kitten


  1. Thank you so much for all the kind words, and I am so happy that you are enjoying my shadows! Like you mentioned above I am definitely working on some matte shadows, as we all know they are very touchy. I am hoping that I can perfect a formula for a really pretty light purple soon! I am so happy that you appreciate the hard work that we put into the packaging. I think it looks so stunning in the pictures, and I have definitely gone through several versions but this one is my favorite of all.

    Thank you again for the kind words, and I look forward to working with you again!

    Scenic City Cosmetics

    1. No problem! I really do love your shadows! Mattes I've heard are super tricky to make, hopefully you can launch the light purple soon! The packaging is absolutely adorable, definitely caught my eye since its so unique for a cosmetic brand. Really fits your brands theme as well!

      Thanks again, was lovely working with you and can't wait to do so in the future as well :)


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