Hempgenix Brand Review

Hempgenix Brand Review

A brand I recently was informed about is Hempgenix, which is a CBD oil infused skincare line. They provide CBD oil products that can be used orally, sublingual, and topical, so there are options for everyone. They have products from shampoo and conditioner to pet treats that contain CBD oil. I think it is awesome to see a company not only cater to humans but to their fluffy family members as well. Hempgenix has been in the skincare manufacturing industry for over sixteen years which is something worth mentioning. I always think personally that if a company has been around for many years in a specific industry that it builds credibility for their company and products. If a company is able to be successful for many years, it shows that their products are good quality and that they are doing everything in their best interest to supply good quality products for their consumers. 

I have been looking at more products that contain CBD oil in their ingredient since I kn…

Cliradex Advanced Foaming Cleanser Review

Advanced Foaming Cleanser 

I recently tried out the Advanced Foaming Cleanser by Cliradex. What really caught my attention about this cleanser is that it is formulated for not only to use on your face but you can also use it on your eyelids and eyelashes, which is something I have never seen before with a cleanser. Personally, since I am someone who wears a lot of makeup and that has a very time consuming skincare routine I am always looking for products that have multi-uses to help shorten my routine. 
This cleanser is 100% organic, vegan, and all natural. It also does not contain all the nasty ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, preservatives, fragrance, and alcohol so it is very gentle on the face and eyes. Another thing I really love about this cleanser is how easy it is to travel with. The packaging is very sleek and easy for on the go. I do want to point out that this cleanser is an aerosol. The formulation with this cleanser makes it to be a light foam. I als…

B True Beauty Graceful Beauty Water Hydrating Toner Review

B True Beauty
Graceful Beauty Water Hydrating Toner

Recently I tried out the Graceful Beauty Water Hydrating Toner by B True Beauty. What I find interesting about B True Beauty is that their whole line of products are 100% organic, made with renewable resources, and cruelty free. 
In the last year I have started using 100% organic skincare products and have noticed a big difference in using them. My skin reacts a lot better to organic products and they give me more visually noticeable results faster. If you have never tried an organic skincare item I would definitely recommend trying one out, you will be impressed!
After using this Graceful Beauty Water Hydrating Toner I noticed my skin became more radiant and healthy looking. It also diminished my redness significantly as well as sooth my dry skin. I also have eczema currently on the sides of my face and this did not irritate them in the slightest and actually made it feel a lot better after spraying this toner onto my face. A…

Recently I came across the company, JClub, and it really caught my eye. What I like about JClub is that the prices are very affordable and they have everything from beauty to home decor, so there's something for everyone on this website. Another great thing about JClub is that everything has free shipping on their website and you have 30 days to return any item that you purchase. I also really like that JClub does not make you have a membership in order to get their great deals on their website.

I definitely recommend checking out JClub if you are looking for some great prices on items, especially around this time of year due to the holidays. If you use the code LETHALKITTEN you will receive 20% off your purchase site wide.

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Iridescent Violet Makeup Look - Lethal Kitten

Iridescent Violet Makeup Look By Lethal Kitten

Products Used
Too Faced Primed and Poreless
Kat Von D Lock-It FoundationAdept Cosmetics - Artist Pro Concealer Palette
Coty Airspun Powder - Extra Coverage Translucent
Inglot AMC Sculpting Powder - 505
Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Vol 2 Contour Book - Light Rose, Deep RoseSparrow Cosmetics - Liar
Urban Decay All Nighter 

Too Faced Shadow InsuranceSugarpill - Poison Plum, Tako
Karity Smokey Palette - Naturale, Poof, PDA
Looxi Beauty - CharmedJuvias Place The Magic Palette - Yejide, Ife, 
Ardency Inn Punker Liner
Sumita Eyeliner Pencil - Black
Loreal Carbon Black Mascara
Lash XO Lash Adhesive
Lash XO Lashes - Adore 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow - Taupe
Wet n Wild Au Natural Palette - Nude Awakening

Lips:Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lip Slick - Laurie

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Sea Salt and Lavender - Organic/Holistic Skincare Review

Sea Salt and Lavender
Organic/Holistic Skincare Review By Lethal Kitten

Recently I tried out Sea Salt and Lavender, an organic and holistic skincare company on Etsy. You can check them out at their website  or Here on Etsy.
This is the first time I have tried an Etsy skincare company, and I must say I am extremely impressed with these products and cannot say enough great things about this company. 
I tried out both the Healthy Skin Sea Mist and Soothing Rose Toner. I recently had an extremely bad allergic reaction to the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. Don't get me wrong, the coverage of that concealer was amazing, but unfortunately there must be an ingredient that I am allergic to which caused my skin to have a lot of inflammation, acne, and overall a lot of redness and sensitivity. I was pretty much game to try just about anything in order to sooth my skin and to get rid of the issues that the concealer gave my skin. My skin for reference is ve…

Scenic City Cosmetics Review and Swatches

Scenic City Cosmetics
Review and Swatches by Lethal Kitten


I recently tried out Scenic City Cosmetics on Etsy. This is my first time trying out a cosmetic brand on Etsy, and I must say I'm super impressed. Scenic City Cosmetics is inspired by things you can see and experience in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. All the names of her shadows are very creative and you can definitely tell they are inspired by the area in which she lives. 

This is the packaging in which the shadows arrived in. The shadows themselves were individually put in small zip-lock bags and were bubble wrapped tightly! They all came perfect to me with no damage. This packaging really caught my eye, and I love how it has a cute rustic look to it as well. I really love how Scenic City Cosmetics pays close attention to detail with the packaging. My dad actually commented saying how nice it looked as well, especially since a lot of brands don't package things as nicely as this.

Above the shadows from left to…