Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette Review and Swatches

Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette
Review and Swatches
by Lethal Kitten

Hey everyone,

I have noticed recently that the Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette has became a cult favorite in the beauty community. The palette gives you a wide range of fun colors to more neutral everyday shades and also gives you a selection between matte and shimmer finishes. This palette can be bought at Juvias Place website for $35. However, they do get discounted on HauteLook so keep an eye out for that and all their other products as well. 

The palette pictured above is the 'Large' size and not the 'Mini' I personally find the larger palette to be a better deal, especially if you fall in love with some of the shadows. 

First off I must say you get a lot of product for the price of this palette. This palette is large in scale and is filled with product. For reference you get 2.03 oz in total weight of all the shadows whereas with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance you get 0.28 oz for the whole palette (This palette retails for $42 at Sephora.com). In other words, you get a lot of bang for your buck with buying this palette. 

Packaging wise, it's pretty cool. It's very colorful and the artwork on this palette is very original. The palette is fairly bulky and I'll be honest it would not be something I'd travel with because of that. You could also depot the shadows into a Z-Palette if you wanted to make it easier for travel. I also want to point out this palette does not contain a mirror and is in a cardboard casing.  

All swatches are one swipe, no primer, no base.
They are applied to bare skin.
For reference my foundation I use is Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation in shade 42.
Swatched From Left to Right:
Chi - Shimmer
Mali - Shimmer
Dalia - Shimmer
Zola - Shimmer
Makeda - Shimmer
Zobo - Matte
Calabar - Shimmer
Bori - (Has shimmer but when applied turns matte_
Giza - Shimmer
Burkina - Matte
Cairo - Shimmer
Ada- Matte
Dahlia - Shimmer
Zulu - Matte
Casablanca - Shimmer
Fulani - Matte

My opinion on the formula is that the shimmers are beautiful and buttery. They swatch beautifully and are extremely pigmented. The formula of the shimmers reminds me a lot of the Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadows, they have a somewhat creamy gel-like feel to them and never skip with pigmentation. I have noticed that the shimmers however do not blend well, they are more for a highlight or a lid color, but definitely not for the crease. I recommend applying them with a flat shader style brush but I personally prefer applying these with a clean finger. I find the Giza and Dahlia would make great highlighters as well.

My Favorite Shimmers: Makeda, Zola, Giza, Dahlia.

I'll be honest I'm not the biggest fan of the mattes in this palette. I have found these shadows just do not blend out like a lot of my other matte shadows in my collection. I have noticed that they like to skip places or refuse to blend even when using a shadow under them. The most disappointing shadow in this palette for me is Zobo and Bori. Zobo does not apply well or blend out easily on the lid. I have found if I want to use it I have to apply an eyeshadow base, and even then it just does not like to perform like the other shadows in this palette. Bori is another shadow I have an issue with, however it just doesn't want to blend out, and when I do get it to somewhat blend out it becomes very patchy. 

One thing I noticed about this palette that I wasn't the biggest fan of is how many shades in the palette have relatively the same name, It's not something that would make me not buy it but I noticed that the shades Zola, Zobo, and Zulu are all relatively similar in name and can get somewhat confusing trying to remember since they are all in the same palette. Maybe I just have issues because they are all 4-letter words that start with Z, but I wish they would have chosen other names personally.

Now for the real question, would I recommend this palette?
Yes I would.
I recommend this palette solely due to the formulation of the shimmers themselves. They are incredible and definitely worth purchasing the palette over even though the mattes are a miss in my opinion. The shimmer shades are all very unique in my opinion, especially the top row and Makeda.  Makeda and Giza have become some of my newest favorite shadows to use in looks, solely on the formula and the uniqueness of Makeda. I'm extremely fair in skin tone and I find Giza to be a great blinding highlight for me. Definitely highly recommend this palette for anyone who wants a pop or color or just wants to try it out, you definitely won't be disappointed with your purchase.

I found online a discount code for Juvia's Place.
If you type in "WOC" you will get 10% off your order.
This is not an affiliate code that I am aware of, but 10% is still 10% you don't have to spend.
I just remember seeing it some time ago and thought someone would find use of it.

Looks of mine using this palette:
Sunset by LethalKitten
Makeda on the eyelid
Giza on the inner corner and highlighter all over the face
Cyan by LethalKitten
Zola on the lid
Giza in the inner corner for a highlight and all over highlighter on the face

Champagne by LethalKitten
Zulu and Ada in the crease
Giza on the eyelid and inner corner

If you have any questions, comment below and I'll be sure to answer them.


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