How To Make Dead Things Turn Heads

Hey everyone,

I just  realized how much lack of information there really is for preserving dead specimens and I thought I'd make a blog post about it. Since I live out in a wooded area, and look for dead animals, skulls, and bones, I thought I would make a post on how to preserve and fine one.

My tips on how to preserve a specimen into a jar (ex. animals and birds)

  1. 1.) Finding the creature.

Finding dead things isn't easy, let me tell ya. Most likely you will find them under things such as brush or leaves. This is because when an animal goes to a place to die, they will go somewhere where nobody can disturb them. Please don't kill an animal or any other living thing for the purpose of preservation, that's just cruel and disgusting.

 2.) Checking the little guy out.
Make sure when you find your specimen that it's intact, no guts hanging, no insects trying to eat it, anything along those lines. The best is to get it when it just has passed, but like I said, please don't harm an animal for the purpose of this. You can also just be on the lookout for them, it takes time and patients to do this sometimes.

3.) Picking It Up.
Make sure when you pick up the specimen that you have gloves on, or pick it up with something other than your hands in case the specimen has a disease. Just to be safe! I have heard people putting freshly dead animals into a freezer until they know what to do with it, but it's up to you what you do.

 4.) Supplies Needed for Preservation.
Clean glass jar that you intend housing this cutie in. Make sure it's not to big or too small. Mason jars and pickle jars are pretty stationary, and you can find jars pretty cheap usually at thrift shops.
Rubbing alcohol (not peroxide, that will just wreck the specimen and won't keep it in tact). Make sure you get enough for the jar that you have. Can easily get this at the dollar store.

5.) Preservation Time!
Take your clean jar and place your specimen inside making sure you don't touch it with your hands! Next fill up the jar with rubbing alcohol up to the lip of the jar (part that doesn't have screw markings on it) and put the lid on it.
Optional: you can put a label on it and get creative!

6.) Put The Cutie On The Shelf!
Now you have a preserved specimen :)
Hope you enjoy

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