I Think I Have a Little Obsession With Dead Things

Hello Everyone,

I haven't really made a post about this, but I finally have found a butterfly dome piece!

I have literally been looking for these in antique shops for the past year or so and I finally came across one on my vacation to Chicago last weekend. I can't even explain how stoked I am over it!

On the bottom of this it says that the butterfly is a Byasa Polyeuctes "Chinese Cowboy" and is from Indonesia.

Here's a picture of what it actually looks like if it were to be spread out.

Do any of you collect these types of things? Seen them? or recommend on where to get them?

I've been trying my best to find preserved animals and butterflies but I think you have to honestly find the right shop in order to get them. I have also been looking on Etsy for the longest time, but I am so afraid of it getting damaged in the mail.


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