Dead Inspiration?

I don't know about you guys but I feel an absolute lack for inspiration for Halloween right now. From exactly today there is 7 days til the candy filled, diabetus starting, drunk adults holiday. I still have absolutely no idea as to what I really want to dress up as. I feel like doing a grotesque pin-up themed zombie, but than again that's becoming cliche.

Here are some photos I've kinda been mesmerized over for the past few days. 

(Make-up by @mini_makeup_x)

(Make-up by Lori Anne Allison)

(Make-up by Batalash)

(Make-up by MadeULook by Lex)

I really think I'm going to mash them together somehow. I for sure want to do some sort of staple like technique or one that looks like stitches. I had this idea a few days ago where I would make real looking stitches and put a pop-art like look in the middle to make it almost look like I was a cartoon character covered in human flesh that was breaking away. But than again I almost want to do something bloody and messy, and just flat out disgusting yet you can't take your eyes off it cause it's so weird. Blah so many decisions!

Do you guys have a costume planned out already? If so what is it? Im lacking in the creative department at the moment. 



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