The True Facts About Going Cruelty Free

Hello everyone,

I never really made a post about this, but Im trying to go 100% cruelty free with products. It's quite the challenge, and sometimes I slip, but I'm trying my best.

You may think it's simple, but it really isn't. It's difficult, annoying, tedious, and you have to be passionate to be able to keep with it.

Here's the nitty gritty truth about trying to go cruelty free and my own experiences.

1.) You probably won't be able to buy most of the products you love now.

Whether you use high end or drugstore products you probably won't be able to repurchase most of them. MAC, Sephora brand, Urban Decay, Lancome, Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal, etc. Are all not cruelty free. Any product that is sold in either Japan or China are not cruelty free and undergo animal testing to be able to be sold on the market. Also, a lot of the companies like Bare Minerals, NARS, Tarte, etc. say they are cruelty free but are owned by companies that do animal testing (So in other words third party testing).

2.) You will have to do research before buying products and simply cannot buy on a whim unless you are familiar with the brand.

It looks a lot easier than it is, but you will have to do research on the companies before you buy. It's best to look at sites such as PETA or Leaping Bunny. If companies are certified with either of these, you're good to go.

If you don't know for sure, you can always e-mail the companies themselves and they will surely tell you.

3.) Just because a products is cruelty free doesn't mean it sucks.

I'll be honest here, at first I was worried a lot of stuff wasn't going to be as great.....but in reality a lot of my favorite stuff was already cruelty free before I tried going 100%.

My favorite palettes from ELF, my favorite lip liners and lipsticks from NYX, my bright Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadows, and my Physician's Formula face products were all cruelty free!

I originally bought all this stuff because of price or good reviews, not knowing that all of them were cruelty free.

I literally use all these products on a day-to-day basis or even weekly. They're great products and actually are doing something right as a company.

Another thing is, is that you don't have to settle for boring make-up. Companies like Inglot, Sugarpill, LimeCrime, Manic Panic, NYX, Illamasqua, etc. have a wide variety of fun make-up to chose from that is "out of the ordinary"

4.) You don't need a big budget to go cruelty free. 

I think a lot of people think it'll be expensive, and it really isn't (depending on what you like). You can buy from brands such as NYX, ELF, Wet n' Wild, EcoTools, Ardell, and they are all drugstore and are very inexpensive.

5.) People will question and make fun of your choice. 

Like with any "out of the norm" lifestyle choice, people will criticize you. Whether they ask "Why do you like animals more than humans? Would you rather a human get hurt over something than an animal?" or "Well why does it matter, it's just an animal". You just have to learn to shove the comments aside and do what makes YOU happy, and give a big ol fuck you to the rest.

6.) At home remedies and DIY will become your best friend. 

Not to mention this stuff is a lot healthier than some products out their and can be a good dupe for buying a product that is not cruelty free. Sites like YouTube, Pintrest, and sometimes certain Facebook pages have great recipes and at home DIY's that are also natural.

From avocado hair masks, to brown sugar and honey facial scrubs, there is a lot to choose from if you go looking for it.

In reality, it can be a hard decision to try to do, but it really is worth it if it is something you love.



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