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Hempgenix Brand Review

Hempgenix Brand Review

A brand I recently was informed about is Hempgenix, which is a CBD oil infused skincare line. They provide CBD oil products that can be used orally, sublingual, and topical, so there are options for everyone. They have products from shampoo and conditioner to pet treats that contain CBD oil. I think it is awesome to see a company not only cater to humans but to their fluffy family members as well. Hempgenix has been in the skincare manufacturing industry for over sixteen years which is something worth mentioning. I always think personally that if a company has been around for many years in a specific industry that it builds credibility for their company and products. If a company is able to be successful for many years, it shows that their products are good quality and that they are doing everything in their best interest to supply good quality products for their consumers. 

I have been looking at more products that contain CBD oil in their ingredient since I kn…

Cliradex Advanced Foaming Cleanser Review

Advanced Foaming Cleanser 

I recently tried out the Advanced Foaming Cleanser by Cliradex. What really caught my attention about this cleanser is that it is formulated for not only to use on your face but you can also use it on your eyelids and eyelashes, which is something I have never seen before with a cleanser. Personally, since I am someone who wears a lot of makeup and that has a very time consuming skincare routine I am always looking for products that have multi-uses to help shorten my routine. 
This cleanser is 100% organic, vegan, and all natural. It also does not contain all the nasty ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, preservatives, fragrance, and alcohol so it is very gentle on the face and eyes. Another thing I really love about this cleanser is how easy it is to travel with. The packaging is very sleek and easy for on the go. I do want to point out that this cleanser is an aerosol. The formulation with this cleanser makes it to be a light foam. I als…