Hempgenix Brand Review

Hempgenix Brand Review

A brand I recently was informed about is Hempgenix, which is a CBD oil infused skincare line. They provide CBD oil products that can be used orally, sublingual, and topical, so there are options for everyone. They have products from shampoo and conditioner to pet treats that contain CBD oil. I think it is awesome to see a company not only cater to humans but to their fluffy family members as well. Hempgenix has been in the skincare manufacturing industry for over sixteen years which is something worth mentioning. I always think personally that if a company has been around for many years in a specific industry that it builds credibility for their company and products. If a company is able to be successful for many years, it shows that their products are good quality and that they are doing everything in their best interest to supply good quality products for their consumers. 

I have been looking at more products that contain CBD oil in their ingredient since I know there are so many health benefits to using it. A few months ago I had significant back problems to the point I could only walk for a certain distance without my left leg going numb. I injured my back from lifting too much heavy things at one point to the point I hurt the muscles in my lower back. I was in so much pain all the time I would only be able to sleep for two hours at a time before getting up and having to move around to ease the tension in my back. I went to the doctor multiple times, tried many muscle relaxers, and also went to physical therapy to help get my body back to normal. On a whim I tried CBD oil infused body oil to help with the issues in my back. I would apply about a dime sized amount to the injured area on my back and would rub it in until it soaked up into my skin. I had instant relief in less than fifteen minutes and was able to sleep so much better the first night even. We also had a carnival where I live and I used it right before going and I was able to walk around for a few hours without having any issues with my feet going numb or having sharp pains in my lower back. It’s definitely helped me with my experiences, and after trying it I use it whenever I need to help with inflammation or to help ease pain. 

One of the things that caught my eye about Hempgenix is that they get rid of the middle man in the supply chain process. They not only have a chemist on site that helps with product development and to make sure that they are getting the highest quality ingredients for their products, but they also manufacture all their products themselves. I’ll be honest I always think it’s amazing to see companies get rid of the middle man in the supply chain process, which in turn lowers prices for customers. As someone who studied business and has received their Bachelors of Science in Business Management I always love to see a company work on their own to be able to bring high quality products at more affordable rates for their customers. 

As someone who wants to switch to a cruelty free lifestyle I think it is wonderful that Hempgenix is a cruelty free company that is also PETA certified as well. It is very hard to find specialty skincare brands that are cruelty free and are at affordable prices, so it is amazing to see a company like Hempgenix be able to provide this to their consumers. Hempgenix products are approved and recommended by professionals who are veterinarians, dermatologists, chiropractors, and physicians. Hempgenix also uses third party lab testing to make sure their products are the highest quality and to test for potency in their products. 

A product that really caught my eye by Hempgenix is their CBD Anti-Aging Eye Cream. I am big on skincare items and have never seen an under eye cream that is infused by CBD oil. This eye cream is formulated to lighten and smooth the under eye area. The CBD oil in this product helps to decrease inflammation and to help de-puff and reduce the appearance of under eye circles around the eye area. The CBD oil used in the eye cream is 100% from the United States and does not contain any THC. 

I highly recommend checking Hempgenix out if you are looking to try out high quality CBD oil infused skincare products. Not only are they committed to providing high quality CBD oil to use within their products but are also a lead manufacturer in the industry.

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